Deciphering Hydrogen Catalyst Choices: How Carboniq Found Clarity with Over 80 Data Points

Amid the vast sea of hydrogen catalyzers, Carboniq sought precision. Our comprehensive assessment framework illuminated the path.


Data points analyzed


Stages of the catalyzer analyzed

6 weeks

Duration to complete the job




European Union - Canada

Company Background:

Carboniq, founded in 2014, is a trailblazer in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by offering carbon capture, storage, and CO2 reuse solutions. Their multifaceted approach encompasses technical services, outsourced industrial strategies, and standalone GHG abatement initiatives.

What they had to say about the value we brought:  

How we got the job done:

Navigating the intricate waters of hydrogen catalysis required more than just a basic understanding. It demanded a blend of industry knowledge, precision, and a commitment to excellence. Here's how we approached this multifaceted challenge:

1. Detailed Strategy: Utilizing the "Technical Assistance Workplan", we sculpted a roadmap tailored to spotlight optimal catalyzer options.

2. Comparative Framework: Our assessment, enriched with over 80 data points, offered a comprehensive comparison, evaluating criteria from efficiency to environmental impacts.

3. Expert Consultations: We dove deep into the hydrogen realm, engaging in conversations with leading experts and gleaning insights from their seasoned perspectives.

4. Market Research: Our team delved into rigorous market studies, ensuring that every recommendation was backed by the latest industry trends and data.

5.Thorough Analysis: Each stage of the catalyzer underwent scrutiny, ensuring that Carboniq received a holistic view of their options.p, ensuring that every joint venture had a clear roadmap and the potential for tangible impact.


Carboniq's journey in the hydrogen domain was marked by decisiveness and confidence, a testament to the power of rigorous research and expert collaboration in the clean energy sector.

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