ClimateDoor & GoParity Canada Sign Partnership and Unite to Fund a Landmark Clean Energy Project for Indigenous Communities.

In a landmark collaboration, ClimateDoor and GoParity synergize their expertise and horsepower to champion clean energy debt financings to the masses.


Inaugural raise completed


Average investment size


Social Purpose Org (SPO) financed


Sustainable Investment & Indigenous communities



Company Background:

Goparity is an advanced online investment platform dedicated to financing projects that create positive social and environmental impact. Empowering numerous sustainable development initiatives, Goparity Canada connects ventures with eager investors to champion a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow. Their steadfast commitment to driving positive change is reshaping the future of investing.

What they had to say about the value we brought:  

"With ClimateDoor's expertise, we are confident of not only reaching but exceeding our goals. We're not just financing projects; we're fostering a community of informed and passionate investors.” Emily Mercy - Managing Director @ GoParity Canada

How we got the job done:

Our Partnership with Stardust Solar is built on mutual respect, a shared vision, and tangible commitment. Recognizing the immense potential and the robust foundation Stardust had laid, our role was clear:

1. Strategic Partnership Formation: Recognizing the synergies, ClimateDoor and GoParity formalized their collaboration to drive sustainable investments.

2. Capital Infusion: Assisted in pivotal capital raising strategies that fueled financing success and growth.

4. Shared Vision: Both companies worked with a unified goal of promoting Indigenous clean energy projects and broadening the reach of sustainable investments.

4. Renewable Projects: Aided in bringing transformative renewable energy opportunities to the GoParity Canada platform.

5. End-to-End Support: From project ideation to almost complete funding, ClimateDoor and GoParity walked hand-in-hand to ensure success.


In an era where sustainable solutions are the need of the hour, the collaboration between ClimateDoor and GoParity exemplifies how combined expertise and a shared vision can pave

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