Plantable Health: Securing $6M and Pioneering the Intersection of Nutrition, Medicine, and Sustainable Growth

Amidst the bustling realm of health and wellness, Plantable Health's transformative journey from innovative startup to a publicly-listed powerhouse stands as a beacon of visionary leadership, strategic fundraising, and the power of food as medicine.


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Health & Sustainabiltiy



Company Background:

Plantable Health is a trailblazer in the "food as medicine" sector, championing better-for-the-planet nutritional solutions backed by rigorous clinical trials at prestigious institutions such as Johns Hopkins University and Sloan Kettering. Their commitment to holistic well-being and planetary health is evident in their innovative, evidence-based offerings.

What they had to say about the value we brought:  

"Nick and his team have been fantastic to work with, they were able to identify an incredible business, the right investors and structure a deal that was exciting for everyone." - Michael Townsend, Altus Capital Founder, Plantable major shareholder

How we got the job done:

Collaborating with Plantable Health was a masterclass in strategy, dedication, and execution. Our approach was multifaceted:

1.Strategic Fundraising: Orchestrated four financing rounds, securing a monumental $6M in funding.

2.Public Listing: Championed Plantable Health's public listing, ensuring a grand debut on a renowned Tier 1 Stock Exchange.

3.Investor Readiness & Relations: Crafted compelling pitch decks, executed impactful roadshows, and diligently courted potential investors.

4. Brokerage Alliance: Fostered a crucial alliance with a top-tier brokerage firm, magnifying Plantable Health's market appeal.

5. Expert Advisory: Provided comprehensive advisory services, demystifying the complexities of a public listing, from regulatory nuances to strategic market positioning.


Plantable Health's ascension, under the visionary stewardship of CEO Nadja, epitomizes the blend of innovation, sustainability, and growth. Their story is a testament to the transformative power of food, strategic collaborations, and the audacity to redefine industry paradigms.

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