Strengthening Sustainable Growth: Purpose ESG and ClimateDoor's Strategic Collaboration

In a world seeking sustainability, Purpose ESG Investment Fund and ClimateDoor didn't just invest; they formed a strategic alliance, becoming significant shareholders in Stardust Solar and driving sustainable growth in the clean economy.


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Company Background:

Purpose ESG Investment Fund stands out as an investment issuer devoted to building a portfolio of Clean Tech companies aligned with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes. Their focus? Drive sustainability and prosperity in the clean economy.

What they had to say about the value we brought:  

“"Nick and his team represented our company with enthusiasm and energy. We were able to secure great financing partners through their hard work and dedication. Highly recommend this team for any company looking to raise money."- Mark Tadros, Stardust Solar CEO

How we got the job done:

Our alliance with Purpose ESG was more than just financial; it was strategic. Recognizing the opportunity Stardust Solar presented, we:

1. Sourced and Vetted: Identified Stardust Solar as a prime co-investment opportunity.

2.Negotiation and Deal Facilitation: Actively assisted in negotiating terms, ensuring the deal progressed smoothly to the finish line.

3.Strategic Investment: Demonstrated our commitment by jointly acquiring significant equity in Stardust Solar, with each of us purchasing over 10% of the company.

4. Board Collaboration: Further strengthened Stardust's strategic direction by adding Young Bann to its board.

5. Partnership Announcement: Sealed a strategic partnership with Purpose ESG to drive sustainable growth, emphasizing our shared dedication to the clean economy.


In the realm of solar franchising, Stardust Solar shines brilliantly. Their growth trajectory mirrors the ascending sun, and with the combined strengths of their own team, our collaboration, and the trust of key investors like Purpose ESG, Stardust is poised for a bright and sustainable future.

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