Skyharbour: Amplifying the Vision of Sustainable Nuclear Energy with $2.5M in Investor Buying and Financing

Skyharbour's dedication to championing sustainable nuclear energy was met with our unwavering commitment to amplifying their mission. Over 3.5 years of strategic investor relations, we breathed life into their financial aspirations, ensuring the world took notice of their groundbreaking work.


Investor buying and financing secured


Valuation growth (from $10M to $45M)


Investor-centric events


Sustainable Nuclear Energy



Company Background:

Skyharbour stands at the forefront of the sustainable energy revolution, harnessing the power of nuclear energy with an unwavering commitment to ecological responsibility.

What they had to say about the value we brought:  

"I have worked with Nick for many years and have watched him and his team grow their business from scratch while bringing awareness to many companies in critical and innovative industries. It was a pleasure working with him to expand the audience for nuclear energy." Jordan Trimble, CEO of Skyharbour Uranium

How we got the job done:

Our collaboration with Skyharbour was a holistic blend of strategic investor relations and hands-on execution:

1. Investor Relations Management: For 3.5 years, we were the torchbearers of Skyharbour's investor communications, ensuring their vision resonated with the financial community.

2. Strategic Financing and Buying: We successfully channeled over $2.5M in investor buying and financing, amplifying Skyharbour's capabilities.

3. Investor Event Organization: Orchestrated 20+ investor-centric events, from intimate lunches to grand roadshows, casting Skyharbour's vision far and wide.

4. Press Releases: Penned compelling press releases, ensuring Skyharbour's milestones and achievements garnered the media attention they deserved.

5. Stage Presence: Represented Skyharbour on prominent platforms, echoing their commitment to a sustainable future.


Skyharbour's journey in pioneering sustainable nuclear energy was greatly amplified by our dedicated efforts in investor relations, strategic financing and buying, and consistent brand messaging. Their story stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, vision, and strategic support.

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