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    BC’s Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy Opens $3 Million Call for Wildfire Management Tech Solutions

    Ailton Schoemberger
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    BC’s Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy Opens $3 Million Call for Wildfire Management Tech Solutions

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      The British Columbia (BC) Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) is launching a funding initiative aimed at advancing technologies designed to help communities adapt to, prevent, and mitigate the impact of wildfires. This marks a significant effort to address the growing wildfire challenges in Canada, with applications open until August 7, 2024. Winners will be announced by November 1, 2024.

      A Call for Wildfire Innovation

      With wildfires becoming increasingly frequent, large, and intense across Canada, CICE is spearheading “Canada’s first call for innovation focused on wildfire technologies.” Up to $3 million in non-dilutive funding will be awarded to British Columbia-based innovators who are developing technologies to combat wildfires. This initiative is critical as it aims to support the commercialization of technologies that can significantly impact wildfire management.

      Categories of Eligible Technologies

      CICE is seeking solutions across three primary areas: prevention, mitigation, and adaptation.

      • Prevention: Technologies such as predictive modeling tools, proactive land management practices, and fire-resistant materials.
      • Mitigation: Innovations including early wildfire detection systems, advanced communication technologies, firefighting tools, spread halting methods, sustainable fire retardants, and specialized equipment.
      • Adaptation: Technologies that enhance forest and community resilience, facilitate post-fire recovery, and incorporate climate-conscious business model innovations.

      Canada’s Unique Position in Wildfire Management

      “Canada’s extensive experience in combating some of the most severe wildfires on the planet also uniquely positions it to lead in finding solutions,” said CICE CEO Sarah Goodman. She emphasized that Canada’s hard-earned insights can be leveraged to integrate clean technology with wildfire and land management expertise, addressing the global demand for innovative wildfire solutions.

      Focus on Co-Benefits

      CICE will prioritize applications that offer significant co-benefits, such as carbon sequestration initiatives, ecosystem restoration, Indigenous fire stewardship practices, and additional socio-economic benefits through wildfire management efforts.

      Context and Background

      Founded in 2021 by the Government of British Columbia, Shell, and the federal government, CICE is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to funding the commercial development and scaling of BC-based clean energy solutions. The urgency of this initiative is underscored by recent wildfire seasons, with last year being one of the worst in Canadian history, affecting an area more than 21 times the average over the previous decade.

      Wildfire Detection Startups in Action

      Several startups have already begun addressing wildfire challenges. Brazilian startup SensaioTech, known for its ability to flag wildfire-risk areas up to five days in advance, established its presence in Toronto in April 2023 after joining the DMZ incubation program. German startup OroraTech, which uses thermal infrared cameras and AI algorithms for wildfire detection, has partnered with satellite company Spire Global and the Canadian Space Agency to develop a wildlife monitoring satellite.

      How to Apply

      CICE will be accepting applications until August 7, 2024. Interested innovators can apply here.

      By funding these groundbreaking technologies, CICE aims to build a resilient future where communities are better equipped to handle the growing threat of wildfires.

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