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    Unleashing the Potential of "Ecosystem Thinking" in Climate Tech Funding

    Chad Rickaby
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    Unleashing the Potential of "Ecosystem Thinking" in Climate Tech Funding

    Table of Content

      A mentor once told me that it takes a village to finance a climate tech business. Investors (from retail to institutional), governments, industry, Indigenous communities, philanthropists, among many others can all play huge parts in ‘creative capital stacks’ and commercialization. 

      A 360-degree, or ‘ecosystem’ approach to scaling enables a strategic approach to de-risking and obtaining growth funding. Here are four key benefits of utilizing ecosystem thinking:

      1. Comprehensive understanding of opportunities: An ecosystem approach provides a full picture of stakeholders, trends and available opportunities, allowing you to prioritize short-term prospects and understand long-term potential. This equips you with the necessary data to effectively plan and manage staff or consultant time, ensuring clear objectives and efficient execution.

      1. Mapping potential partners: Identifying stakeholders and potential partners, such as government entities, incubators, industry buyers, non-profits, and First Nations can unlock new avenues for de risking technologies through pilots and growth funding. Understanding the varied benefits each partner brings can maximize your funding potential.

      1. Exploiting synergies between partners: Exploring investment opportunities and government funding simultaneously can provide a catalytic benefit to your business. Governments often require matching funds, and investors are more likely to invest in businesses where their dollar is matched. 

      1. Tailored positioning for different partners: A 360-degree approach enables you to assess your strategic positioning from the perspective of various potential partners and funders. This helps you align with their goals and understand how your story can be customized for different groups.

      An ecosystem approach can be a powerful tool that can unlock growth opportunities for your business, positioning you for long-term success in a competitive market. 


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      Chad Rickaby

      Chad is a government relations and international markets expert focused on the clean economy. He has more than a decade of experience scaling sustainable businesses through strategic collaborations with governments, Indigenous communities, investors, and global climate financing entities.

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